All great leaders need a trusted adviser, whether they are tackling a new assignment, implementing a major change initiative or searching for a personal or professional breakthrough. Gallup coaches have partnered with some of the world's most successful leaders to help them develop and gain greater understanding and mastery of their natural talents to enhance personal and organizational performance.

Certified in strengths and versed in Gallup's extensive research, our coaches go above standard coaching advice. They operate from a framework that is rooted in the science of strengths and produces greater results. Leaders who partner with our coaches boost the engagement of their teams and organizations and the communities they serve.

Our coaches apply Gallup's science along with their own insight and expertise to connect executives' strengths with their personal, team and organizational performance. They use Gallup's in-depth coaching assessments to better understand leaders' strengths and weaknesses -- and their unique business challenges. Using these findings as a foundation, they develop highly customized and individualized coaching programs. These programs include one-on-one coaching but may also integrate facilitated sessions with a leader's executive team or on-site courses taught by Gallup consultants, including Demands of Leadership and Strengths-Based Leadership.

Gallup coaches provide candid feedback, an objective perspective and fully committed support that increases leaders' self-awareness and capacity to act in ways that help them achieve their desired outcomes. They support leaders to drive impact by:

  • increasing self-awareness and expanding leadership capability
  • identifying and influencing key partnerships to build strong and successful teams
  • activating their organizations' purpose, culture, brand and vision
  • connect with key influencers and constituencies outside their organization

Gallup Knowledge: