Your organization's identity is made up of three distinctively different, yet interrelated elements: purpose, brand and culture. When these elements are clear and aligned, they create a substantial competitive advantage in everything from recruiting and retention to productivity and profits. Your company's employees and performance become powerful -- even unstoppable -- forces.

Gallup can design and build strategies for your organization to achieve its highest potential by bridging the gap between what you are and what you want to be. But to get there, your organizational identity must be about more than a mission statement or tagline. With our clients, Gallup has consistently found that for purpose, brand and culture to have any impact, leaders must be committed to bringing these words to life. Otherwise, your employees can't -- and won't align -- with your organizational identity.

Gallup takes an action-oriented approach to developing organizational identity strategies. We don't just help your company define an ideal identity -- we help you achieve and sustain it. Through in-depth analytics and a deliberative plan of action, Gallup's advice paves the way for creating an organizational identity that is consistently executed, effectively aligned, clearly understood and continuously supported.

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