Gallup has studied more than 2.5 million managers and their teams across more than 1,200 organizations in 195 countries. This extensive research has given us a unique opportunity to discover the talents of outstanding managers. Gallup has taught thousands of managers from the best-led companies in the world how to succeed through our famous Great Manager Program and shared our groundbreaking insights in New York Times bestselling books, including First, Break All the Rules and StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Now, through its High-Performance Management course, Gallup is offering you the opportunity to learn how to incorporate the strategies and principles of the world's best managers into your own management style.


By attending the High-Performance Management course, you will:

  • create sustainable management strategies for teams to achieve high performance
  • gain actionable insights into your own talents to help individualize your management style
  • practice proven techniques for engaging employees, including leading effective conversations to enhance performance

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone who manages people and wants proven approaches, principles and activities for engaging every team member and enhancing the team's overall performance.

What to Expect

This fast-paced, two-day management course led by Gallup's experts will help you lead in ways that create and sustain high performance for yourself, your employees and your team.

What You Will Receive

  • Managing for Engagement Kit: This kit is loaded with tools and resources that enable you to build strategies and lead conversations to improve team performance.
  • High-Performance Management Learning Journal: This journal helps you make sense of the concepts shared during the course and gives you a place to record and track key metrics. This journal will be used throughout the course, making it a valuable reference as you apply what you have learned.
  • Q12 Quick Reference Guide: This easy-to-understand guide outlines and describes the well-known 12 items included in Gallup's employee engagement survey.
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder All 34 Report: This one-of-a-kind resource reveals the complete results of the online StrengthsFinder assessment. The report lists and describes the 34 strengths by relative dominance.
  • One-on-One Gallup Coaching Session: Taking place the month after the course, this session will help you sustain the momentum and energy generated during the course. Together, you and your coach will discuss how to address your most significant challenges and achieve high performance.

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